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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Forex Trading Strategy By Using Support & Resistance Levels

As we know that there are lot of Forex trading strategies that are used by different traders in their trading decisions and few of them focus mainly on fundamental analysis of the market. There are various strategies in Forex trading and each strategy has its own level of difficulty. So, today I am going to share a strategy with you that are mainly used by experts and they will give you a lot of pips.

How to Trade Using Support and Resistance Levels?

Either you are a expert trader or a newbie, one should have the main idea on how to seek support and resistance levels on your trading platform chart. This strategy is not limited to Forex currency pairs ,commodities or any other type of instruments. You can do profitable trading by using this strategy as it will give you insights of main areas on the chart. So, If you are trading without spotting support and resistance levels on your chart then you are in big risk. We publish daily forecast on our YouTube Channel and for each currency pair we give you different support & resistance levels to highlight on chart. Our daily Forex trading predictions and these levels will surely improve your trading style.

Click here to watch YouTube Video how we give daily forex forecast with Support & Resistance Levels



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