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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Best and Simple Forex Trading Strategies

Best and Simple Forex Trading Strategies

If you are looking for best  forex trading strategies then you are at the right platform. I have over 7 years of trading experience in trading major currency pairs and commodities like Crude Oil and Gold.

EMA Cross Over Strategy

It is one the best forex trading strategy used by experienced traders. They look for moving averages cross over . Moving averages are widely used by traders and they wait for the right entry for trades. Most of the people prefer to place their trades when cross over occurs on the currency pair.

Fibonacci Retracement Level -Forex Trading Strategies

When you add a Fibonacci indicator on Mt4 terminal then you can able to see some levels on your chart. These levels tell us about the market retracement or reversal from that level. Most of the time these levels work perfect and scalpers get benefit from their trading in a short period of time.

Trade with Stochastic Forex Trading Strategies

The stochastic indicator is one of the best indicators which tells us about oversold and overbought market conditions for a specific currency pair. When market crosses 80 levels from above on stochastic, then it means we should open a sell position and a buy position when market crosses 20 level from below.

Trading With London Hammer

London time trading is the best time for scalping. When London market opens then  normally market takes one direction and most of the traders get benefit by trading the in the direction with London effect on the market.

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