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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Forex Trading Strategies to Improve Currency trading

Forex Trading Strategies to Improve Currency trading
Improvement is always suggested to the traders even If they are well experienced or newbie. Forex education is very important in polishing your trading skills and it has a positive effect on the profits. Following  forex trading strategies can help you in your improvement:
Plan Your Way of trading
You need to make a plan on how you will trade forex. You should have one strategy at the start and then you need to stick to it and practice as much as you can. Most of the traders waste their time and money in trying various strategies. It’s better If we stick to one.
Choose the Best Currency Pairs
It is one of the best forex trading strategy  to choose the right pairs that suits your way of trading and those who are not so much volatile. You need to practice, the selected pairs with the ratio of your risk taking ability and then decide which pair gives you the best result.
Decide your Time of Trade
There are different  forex trading strategies for long term trading and scalping. So, you need to understand your preference either you are going to plan a trade for a full day, a week or for some minutes. Also try to find at what time frame you get best trading results and highlight those currency pairs in your books.
Target your trading Positions
Experienced Forex traders always trade with tight stop loss and profits. They mark entry and exit points on their Mt4 trading platform charts before entering into a trade. You should have a clear understanding and reason for placing your trade.
Trade with the trend
There can be no better forex trading strategy other than trade with the trend. Most of the new traders waste bulk amount of money in trading against the trend. So, never open your position against the trend.
Use Forex Trading technical Analysis
Forex trading candlestick chart pattern is the best way to analyze the market direction. Candlestick pattern shows charts more clear and comprehensive. You should trade after getting some solid reasons for trading through technical analysis.
Maintain a Forex trading Diary
Note the date and timings of the open positions each day.
Note down the rates when opening the positions
Solid reason for placing a trade
The strategy you used for that trade
Write down your profits and losses on each trade

You should also note that long term trading is beneficial than scalping. Scalpers end up with losses some day, but those traders who trade with the trend and always plan long trades with the use of technical and fundamental analysis wins at the end. You can also use various types of forex trading indicators to make your trading more best.
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